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Our History

The LIMC began as an informal group in the 1960's, with officials from several municipalities getting together to discuss local government issues. It was active sporadically until 1989, when it acquired staff support for the first time and its work program began to expand. Since then, it has been involved in a variety of activities, including regional comprehensive planning, regional park and open space planning, recommending creation of the Lancaster County Transportation Authority, preparing sample ordinances, establishing a regional board of appeals for Uniform Construction Code issues, publishing newsletters, sharing information among municipalities, communicating with legislators and County Commissioners on legislative and community issues, regional stormwater management programs, Road Masters Forum, and conducting workshops for municipal officials and staff. In 1995 the LIMC reorganized to become a council of governments (COG) under the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Law (Act 180 of 1972). Each of the LIMC municipalities adopted the LIMC Agreement via ordinance as required by Act 180. The law allows two or more municipalities to cooperate jointly in the exercise or performance of their respective governmental functions, powers, or responsibilities.

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