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In the spring of 2012, the LIMC agreed to launch a Facebook Page. The Facebook Page can be accessed by clicking the link provided on the home page. A purpose of the page is to include newsletter type content in lieu of printing copies of newsletters for distribution.

In the spring of 1998 the Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee began publishing an occasional newsletter, usually twice a year. Initially, the newsletter was named Greenpoints and included information related only to parks and greenways in central Lancaster County. In 2008 the newsletter was renamed Connections and expanded to cover the full scope of the LIMC's work and some of the activities of its member municipalities. LIMC municipalities have the option of including the LIMC newsletter as in insert in their municipal newsletters, and nearly 50,000 copies of some issues have been circulated in this manner. In addition, each LIMC municipality receives copies to circulate from its municipal office. Click on a date/issue number to see an issue of "Greenpoints" or "Connections". Limited numbers of hard copies of some issues are available; call the LIMC at 717-371-2175 to inquire.


  • Issue 3 (summer 2009)
  • Issue 2 (winter 2008/9)
  • Issue 1 (summer 2008)


  • Issue 15 (summer 2007)
  • Issue 14 (fall 2006)
  • Issue 13 (early 2005)
  • Spring/Summer 2004
  • Fall/Winter 2003/4
  • Spring/Summer 2003
  • Fall/Winter 2002/3
  • Spring/Summer 2002
  • Fall/Winter 2001/2
  • Spring/Summer 2001
  • Fall/Winter 2000/01
  • Spring/Summer 2000
  • Summer/Fall 1999
  • Fall/Winter 1998/99
  • Spring 1998


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