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The LIMC operates under an intergovernmental cooperation agreement dated September 13, 1995, when it became a formal council of governments under the Intergovernmental Cooperation Law (Act 180 of 1972, Act 177 of 1996, and Act 13 of 2001). The Committee-of-the-Whole is all the elected officials in the LIMC municipalities. The LIMC generally holds a regular monthly meeting at 7:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month, with the meeting locations rotating among the member municipalities. Those who take action at meetings are elected officials of the member municipalities or their designees. Each municipality has one vote.

The LIMC Agreement is a standard, yet broad, intergovernmental cooperation agreement adopted via ordinance. It provides flexibility to the LIMC municipalities for considering and facilitating multimunicipal programs or activities, while providing the legal framework required for intermunicipal cooperation. 

In September 2012, the municipalities of the LIMC approved four amendments to the original LIMC Agreement. The LIMC Agreement previously authorized cooperative and joint programs outlined in the amendments. However, the amendments provide more specific language to the activities and programs outlined. The amendments furthere describe steps individual municipalities need to take in order to legally act cooperatively under the LIMC Agreement.

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