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Implementation Option Packages

In early 2012, the LIMC approved a procedure for reviewing Implementation Option Packages (IOPs) as allowed by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement adopted by the LIMC municipalities in 2008. IOPs outline tools, mechanisms, and information, directly and indirectly inferred from the regional plan, for acceptance by the member municipalities for the continuing implementation of Growing Together. An important concept of an IOP is the acceptance is reserved to individual municipalities that comprise the LIMC.

IOPs are organized by Implementation Groups. These groups operate under an informal process, and are generally composed of entities that focus on the particular subject of the IOP. Additional guidance for entities comprising an Implementation Group is provided in the implementation matrix of Growing Together. Once an IOP is developed, notice is provided to the LIMC municipalities and the Land Use Advisory Board (LUAB). LUAB will review IOPs at a regualr monthly meeting, and provide a recommendation for approval, modification, or rejection. If an IOP is recommended for approval by LUAB, the Committee-of-the-Whole will review at a regular monthly meeting of the LIMC for approval. Once an IOP is approved, the contents are forwarded to individual municipalities for review and acceptance. More detail regarding this procedure can be found under the "Land Use Advisory Board (LUAB)" tab of this website.

The LIMC encourages public input regarding IOPs. Any comments or recommendations should be forwarded to the LIMC in writing via mail at LIMC, Attn: IOP processing, P.O. Box 2200, Huntingdon House, Millersville, PA 17551 or by e-mail at





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