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Central Lancaster County Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals

In 2004 seven LIMC municipalities approved an agreement establishing a Central Lancaster County Uniform Construction Code Board of Appeals. This provided a single Board to hear appeals to decisions made under the Uniform Construction Code, rather than each municipality needing to appoint and maintain its own board of appeals made up of qualified professionals who are willing to serve as volunteers. The current regional Board of Appeals serves Columbia Borough, East Petersburg Borough, Manor Township, Millersville Borough, Mountville Borough, Strasburg Borough (non-LIMC member of the UCC BOA), West Hempfield Township, and West Lampeter Township.

Each municipality that is a party to the Board of Appeals agreement appoints a member to an Appointments Committee that, in turn, appoints the seven members of the Board of Appeals. The Chairperson of the Board of Appeals selects five of the seven members of the Board to hear a particular case. While it is required that each municipality have access to the services of a board of appeals, as of August 2012, the regional Board of Appeals had not needed to hear a single appeal. That is one reason that it's practical to have a regional board rather than each municipality appointing and maintaining its own.



MINUTES (Note: To inquire about attachments noted in the minutes, please contact the LIMC)

08/23/12 - Minutes of the 2012 UCC BOA Annual Organizational Meeting

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