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Stormwater Management

Run-off associated with stormwater and non-stormwater discharges in urban/suburban environments have been identified as sources of pollutants in our nation's waterways. In an effort to reduce pollution and improve the quality of water, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) was created in 1972 by the Clean Water Act (an amendment to the original Federal Water Pollution Control Act passed by Congress in 1948). The NPDES is a permitting mechanism and is guided by federal and state regulations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Such regulations that outline requirements of permits include Title 40 (40 CFR) and 25 Pa. Code Chapter 92a.

The LIMC municipalities are required to obtain a Phase 2 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit issued through the NPDES to discharge stormwater and certain classifications of non-stormwater into receiving waterways in regulated areas of the municipality's storm drain system. The permit requires municipalities to develop a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) to address six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs): 1) Public Education & Outreach, 2) Public Involvement & Participation, 3) Illicit Discharge & Detection, 4) Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control, 5) Post-Construction Stormwater Runoff Control, and 6) Good Housekeeping for Municipal Activities & Facilities.

In a coordinated effort to help achieve permit compliance for individual LIMC municipalities, the LIMC Municipal Operations & Maintenance Good Housekeeping Guidance & BMP Manual was created to address MCM #6 for municipal facilities and activities. A pdf version of the manual can be viewed by the selecting the following links:

Title & Table of Contents
Section 1  Introduction
Section 2  Operational Activities
Section 3  Operation & Maintenance Program
     O&M Program Template
Section 4  Best Management Practices (BMPs)
     GH-1  Employee Training and Education
     GH-2  Contractor Training
     GH-5  Non-Stormwater Discharges
     GH-7  Waste Handling and Disposal
     GH-8  Hazardous Materials
     GH-10  Spill Prevention and Control
     GH-12  General Housekeeping
     GH-13  General Material Storage
     GH-15  Vehicle and Equipment Fueling
     GH-16  Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning
     GH-17  Vehicle and Equipment Repair and Storage
     GH-21  Outdoor Storage of Materials
     GH-23  Salt Storage
     GH-25  Building and Grounds Maintenance
     GH-26  Municipal Yard Maintenance
     GH-27  Parking and Storage Area Maintenance
     GH-28  Facility Maintenance
     GH-30  Road and Street Maintenance
     GH-32  Winter Road Maintenance
     GH-33  Street Sweeping
     GH-35  Landscape Maintenance
     GH-36  Lawn Fertilizers and Pesticides
     GH-39  Leaf Collection
     GH-40  Fountain and Pool Maintenance
     GH-50  Drainage System Maintenance
Works Cited and Bibliography
Appendix A  Municipal Inventory List
Appendix B  BMP Selection Matrix
Appendix C  Annual Municipal Employee Training and Education Plan
Appendix D  Training Record
Appendix E  Contractor Training Record
Appendix F  Training and Education Log
Appendix G  Inspection Record
Appendix H  Activity Record
Appendix I  Event Record
Appendix J  Inspection, Event, and Activity Log
Appendix K  BMP Development Sheet
Appendix L  Municipal Potential Pollutant List
Appendix M  Monitoring Activity Log
Appendix N  Monitoring Report
Appendix O  Pollutant Guidance Table
Appendix P  Incompatible Materials Chart
Appendix Q  List of Highly Hazardous Materials

Hard copies of the manual, along with a disk containing electronic files of the manual and corresponding templates are available for purchase. Cost is $225 per copy. Cost includes shipping via US Mail (Priority Mail). The electronic files contain "hard" files that allow a user to modify information, and thus tailoring the templates and fact sheets to the user's individual goals and objectives. To purchase, send a check for $225, payable to Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee, to LIMC, P.O. Box 1002, Huntingdon House, Millersville, PA 17551.




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